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Publications from 2002


imgLeft example "The Blocking of the Step-Mediated Indirect Channel to Hydrogen Dissociation by Oxygen on Pt(533)"
A T Gee, B E Hayden, C Mormiche and T S Nunney
Surface Science, 512(3) (2002) 165-172

imgLeft example "The Electro-Oxidation of Carbon Monoxide on Ruthenium Modified Pt(111)"
J C Davies, B E Hayden, D J Pegg and M E Rendall
Surface Science, 496(1-2) (2002) 110-120

imgLeft example "Vibrational Spectroscopy at Oxide Single Crystal Surfaces"
The Chemical Physics of Solid Surfaces, Volume 9, Chapter 13, pg.514-546; Ed. D.P.Woodruff. Elsevier (2002).

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