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Professor Brian Hayden

Professor of Physical Chemistry
Bdg : Room = 27:2057

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Professor Hayden obtained his PhD in Bristol in 1979 through studies of adsorption, oxidation and exo-electron emission at metal and alloy surfaces. Subsequently he worked as postdoctoral fellow at the Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society (1979-1984) developing surface sensitive optical spectroscopies (ellipsometry and reflection absorption infra-red) for the investigation of adsorbed molecules. Appointed lecturer at the University of Bath (1984-1988), he developed supersonic molecular beam techniques to study reaction dynamics at surfaces. He was appointed lecturer at the University of Southampton in 1988, and promoted to senior lecturer in 1990 and reader in 1993. He was appointed to a personal chair in 1995. Research interests centre on surface science studies of metal and oxide single crystal surfaces with particular interests in dynamics, model heterogeneous and photo-catalysis, surface electrochemistry and electro-catalysis and surface spectroscopies. Most recently he has applied MBE methodologies to the high throughput discovery of thin film materials, applying the techniques to the discovery of fuel cell electrocatalysts, hydrogen storage materials, phase change memory materials, dielectric materials, and photovoltaic materials.

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