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surface science

Feras Al-Saab

Post-graduate Student
Bdg : Room = 53 : 3039

Tel : +44 (0)23 8059 7673
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Feras obtained his MEng Degree from University College London in Electronics and Electrical Engineering in 2010. He is now a PhD student in Prof. Brian Hayden's Surface Science Group in the Chemistry Department as well as a student in Prof. Dan Hewak's Novel Glass group in the Optoelectronics Research Centre. During his Undergraduate degree Feras completed projects in Liquid crystal modelling and modelling of Silicon Nano cluster Erbium emission enhancement. His current work is focused on chalcogenides for solar applications, working on the High-throughput synthesis and screening of the sulphide photovoltaic materials, the characterisation of CVD and sputtered materials and the fabrication of graphene based chalcogenide photovoltaics.

Scientific Interests: Combinatorial Synthesis, Thin films, High-Throughput Materials, Photovoltaics, Chalcogenides, CVD, sputtering and graphene.

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