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Jaffar Saleh Subaie

Post-Graduate Student
Bdg : Room = 27 : 1057

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Jaffar obtained his undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Jacobs University in 2005. As part of his degree he pursued research projects in the areas of surface science and novel catalytic materials. He did an undergraduate internship project at the BP Institute for Multiphase Flow, in Cambridge, UK, and an industry placement at BioGate AG in Bremen, Germany. After a stint working in the pharmaceutical industry, he joined the Hayden group as an MSc student in 2010. His research project focused on the Electrochemistry and Electrocatalysis of Metallic Carbide Thin Films. As a CONACyT scholar, Jaffar is currently pursuing his PhD in the area of high-throughput synthesis and screening of photovoltaic materials.

Scientific Interests: Combinatorial Synthesis and Screening, Electrocatalysis, Fuel Cells, Surface Science, Model Catalysts, Alloys, Thin Films, Photovoltaics, Carbides, Sulphides

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