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Sandy Kerr

Post-Graduate Student
Bdg : Room = 27 : 1057

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Sandy achieved his BSc in chemistry form the University of Southampton in 2011. During his undergraduate research project he worked on investigating water electrolysis technology. More specifically this involved the investigation of poisoning effects and impure water sources on platinum electrodes. Sandy also carried out Summer work with the Russell group at Southampton in conjunction with Johnson Matthey. This involved the investigation of optimum catalyst ink composition of new anode catalysts for XAS studies. Sandy is now a PhD student in the surface science group and is continuing to pursue his interest in water electrolysis technology. He is now researching the direct photoelectrolysis of water by semiconductor electrodes. High throughput methodology is used in order to create large numbers of compounds that can be screened for properties of interest.

Scientific Interests: Combinatorial Synthesis and Screening, Photoelectrochemistry, Water splitting.

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