"high throughput"
surface science

High Throughput Thin Film Synthesis - Compositional Gradients

Ultra High Vacuum methodologies (Physical Vapour Deposition) are being applied to the high throughput synthesis of thin film materials (HT-PVD). E-Beam and K-Cell sources designed for MBE are combined with "wedge growth" shutters and Atom Plasma Sources to simultaneously deposit up to six elements in a thin film. The result is that a graded and controlled composition is obtained for subsequent high throughput characterisation and screening. Alloy materials, oxides, hydrides, carbides, chalcogenides and nitrides have been synthesised. Both continuous thin films and supported nano-particles can be synthesised.

"High-Throughput Synthesis of Thin Film Materials using Physical Vapour Deposition"
Samuel Guerin, Brian E. Hayden
J. Comb. Chem. 8 (2006) 66-73

"A Combinatorial Approach to the Study of Particle Size Effects in Electrocatalysis: Synthesis of supported Au nano-particles"
Samuel Guerin, Brian E. Hayden, Derek Pletcher, Michael E. Rendall, Jens-Peter Suchsland and Laura J. Williams
J. Comb. Chem. 8 (2006) 791-798